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"first find a path, and a little light to see by. Then push up your sleeves and start helping. Every single spiritual tradition says that you must take care of the poor, or you are so doomed that not even Jesus or the Buddha can help you." Anne Lamott, Plan B, further thoughts on faith

A few celebrations:
" North Parish collected over 50 blankets for "Blanket the Community" a request for donations from the Corner Cupboard. (the corner cupboard is the non-food pantry located at Sanford Unitarian/Universalist church that supports people in need with personal care items, cleaning supplies, paper necessities…)
" 25 people gathered Wednesday October 15th to hear Junior High principal Becky Brink speak about poverty in schools, a program organized by our Mission Outreach Co. as step one towards establishing a church wide mission focus located in our Sanford/Springvale community
" Our board of Deacons are circling up-contacting local elementary schools to learn of the greatest need for our Advent/Christmas "Giving Tree."
" An average of 5 persons a month travel to our doors seeking emergency help that we are able to provide through our Deacons fund. This month we helped 2 people settle into new homes, 1 new mother received assistance for oil and two others received help for transportation to job interviews
" The Greater Sanford/Springvale Interfaith Youth Group made 2 brand new fleece blankets for the Corner Cupboard and their list for service projects is longer than their list for fun fellowship.
" Caring Unlimited (our local abuse shelter) considers North Parish it's home for holiday celebrating and their annual vigil was held in our vestry this month.
" Every time I talk with a member of North Parish I learn of one more person who volunteers at the food pantry or the soup kitchen or York Co. habitat for humanity.

I'm learning that North Parish Congregational Church, United Church of Christ in Sanford Maine is all about HELPING.
Thanks be to God…and thank you….

Diane Wendorf, newly called pastor of North Parish Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, can be reached by calling the church office, 207-324-3163 or by email,

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