What We Believe



Rev. David Gaewski, Rev. Diane Wendorf, Rev. Frederick Robie, Rev. Carlton Gunn

Affirmation of Faith

We believe in the presence of God who gives us strength and inspires us to discern right from wrong.

We believe in God’s son, Jesus, who shows us God’s way. In Jesus’ death we know God’s all forgiving love.

In Jesus’ resurrection we know God’s promise of eternal life. We believe in the Holy Spirit, the mysterious essence of God,

that speaks through us of God’s love, peace and hope. We gather as Church, to make a home for worshipping God.

We go as Church, into the world to serve God promoting peace and justice for all.

Seeking and Inquiring -

North Parish Church invites those who are seeking a church home to come for worship and fellowship. We are a family-oriented church with historic roots in the Congregational tradition. We belong to the United Church of Christ, an inclusive church which honors all people. Our focus is on nurturing people on their faith journeys, while looking to the future for ways to serve Jesus Christ in this world.

North Parish Church, its people and pastor hope you may find the end of your search for a church home here.