June 2007 


The Diaconate shares with the Pastor(s) in helping the church envision and achieve its spiritual potential through assisting with planning worship, administering the sacraments, and providing pastoral care.

General Responsibilities

The Diaconate shall be responsible for:

  1. Establishing the number and time of both regular and special worship services, including Holy Communion;
  2. Preparing and serving Holy Communion, and delivering altar flowers to the shut-ins and the sick after services;
  3. Reporting on the Deacon’s Fund to the congregation in the Annual Report;
  4. Developing a program of leadership training for its members, and providing training for lay readers;
  5. Training and scheduling of acolytes as needed;
  6. Maintaining a “Pastor’s Discretionary Account” (so-called) which will appear as a line item in the Diaconate fund budget.  The amount of the fund is to be determined annually by the Diaconate Board.  The fund will be dispensed at the discretion of the Pastor;
  7. {with the Pastor(s)} assisting with the pastoral care and spiritual growth of members and friends of the church of all ages;
  8. {with the Pastor(s)} leading the church in living out its covenant relationships with the Association, Conference, and National bodies of the United Church of Christ;
  9. {with the Pastor(s)} helping the church clarify its sense of mission and set goals and objectives for achieving this mission, and for monitoring the church’s progress;
  10. {with the Pastor(s)} developing useful ecumenical relationships with other branches of the universal church that are present in the local community;
  11. For the purpose of communication and for its role in planning worship, the Diaconate has a special relationship with the Music Committee, Usher Coordinator, and Hymn Board Coordinator.

 Guidelines for all Diaconate Members

  1. Visit shut-ins and newcomers as representatives of the church;
  2. The council delegate or alternate shall attend and give report at meetings and shall give a report at the next Diaconate meeting;
  3. Attend Diaconate meetings monthly as determined by current board.  Please call the chairperson or secretary if unable to attend;
  4. Attend funerals of members of the church and parish family at the request of the Pastor(s);  
  5. Advise the Pastor(s) of people in need of spiritual and/or financial assistance;
  6. Be present at the worship service to welcome new members by extending the right hand of fellowship;
  7. Be present at the worship service to assist with Baptism if requested to do so;
  8. Assume responsibility for Lenten services as needed during: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunrise, Easter, etc.;
  9. Assume responsibility as needed for summer services when the Pastor(s) may be on vacation. 
  10. Assume responsibility for Laity Sunday each year.
  11. Assist the Pastor(s) in any way as requested.

Diaconate of the Month Responsibilities

All members of the Diaconate will be asked to serve as Diaconate of the Month for two months during the year and will be responsible for the following:

  1. Preparing and serving communion.  This involves getting three (3) other members of the Diaconate to help serve communion.  Preparation includes getting the bread and grape juice, filling the cups, serving, and cleaning up.
  2. Delivering altar flowers to the sick or shut-ins.  Check flower list in the drawer in the kitchen to see if flowers are designated for a specific person, then check with the Pastor(s) to see if anyone is sick.  If neither is the case, choose a person who has not received flowers recently.  Write the name of the person to whom the flowers are taken in the flower notebook.
  3. Making sure there are lay readers for each service, as needed.
  4. Making arrangements for the care of the altar.  Fill liquid candles when needed.  Clean brass as needed.  Change paraments when needed.  Color changes are listed in the choir robing room.  Communion and weddings are always white.
  5. Providing devotions for Diaconate Meeting just prior to assigned month.
  6. If the Secretary’s position is unfilled, or the secretary is absent, for taking minutes of the meeting and delivering said minutes to chairperson at least one week in advance of next meeting.