June 2007

The Mission Outreach Committee strives to help the church engage in missions throughout the local community and beyond.   The members of this committee work to encourage individual participation in specific mission projects and programs, as well as help to direct the way the Church’s mission money is spent.

 Membership:  shall consist of at least five (5) persons.

 Responsibilities shall include:

1.  Attending monthly meetings which are concerned with the education of committee members as well as the business at hand, mission of the Church and conveying this info to the congregation.

2.  Setting goals for the basic support of Our Church’s Wider Mission, taking into consideration Conference guidelines, and presenting the goals to the Church Council.

3.  Setting goals for encouraging financial participation in special appeals; i.e., One Great Hour of Sharing, The Christmas Fund, Neighbors In Need, CWS, Blanket Sunday, etc.

4.  Soliciting mission gifts for special projects.

5.  Setting priorities among all the Mission Outreach concerns, including a yearly mission outreach project.

6.  Provide Mission education for the Church.

7.  Planning and presenting programs on Missions.

8.  Interacting with the pastor to learn about issues of special concern to her or him.

9.  Reading and studying about the denomination’s mission.

10. Providing resources and speakers on Missions.

11. Preparing and presenting moments of concern during worship services.

12.  Developing ecumenical relationships with other churches in the community (with the Pastor(s)).

13. Preparing annual budget including Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM) and submit it to the Trustees.

14. Providing a representative to the Church Council.